July 30, 2021 TaDaTime 0Comment

Touch and feel – No try and feel! Virtual Reality is a new reality! The world is evolving to an unprecedented level and even the messages we convey are with a touch of newfangled pedagogies. 

Let’s know about the new features of TaDa Time! 

TaDa Time is not just only about creating 3D avatars but it’s way beyond that! You may think what’s new with the TaDa?! We will never disappoint as we’re sure you’re gonna love the new features brought in this updated version! Start guessing and relate if your guesses and the new features are similar. 

When compared to Facebook Avatars you’ve got more features in our TaDa Time, yes you heard us right! Here, you can make changes to your Avatar with the unique peppy features provided, you can have a Hijab too! Sounds innovative, we know you can thank us later! We say a big NO to racism, creed, and gender bias! Our Avatars are uniquely tailored to cover up all the demands of our users! We’re back with an impulse! 

Are you someone who’s very much concerned about your looks and expecting a new look for you but intimidating for you to take up the dare? Chil Nah? 

TaDa helps you out with creating content out of you with its unique features like changing the skin tone, colors of your eyes and hair, the attire, the style of your hair, and so much is awaiting for you! We know the dilemma you get what to choose and will that suit your looks and much more insecurities you face on leaping to a new change!

Now it’s time to venture into a new look! 

Adding some more toppings; 

  • You can rotate the Avatar in a 360 degree wise for a complete look
  • You can add music and voice over to your avatar with perfect backdrop filters for a perfect feel
  • You can dance, celebrate and customize all your attire, accessories and even hairstyles say African curls, bob, ponytail, and much more with your favorite color
  • Add music from the TaDa music library

Party with your very own 3D Avatars! Explore the fun elements and start creating with TaDa Time!