August 25, 2021 TaDaTime 0Comment

Exhausted trying the same old apps to chat and video call? Looking for something fresh and different? Also, bored of trying the concordant social media apps?

Well, it’s time for the new revolution. A good application must let you do what you wish by giving you the freedom to explore and guiding you to do the best you can! 

Have you ever thought about interacting with your squad using your very own 3D Avatar? Sounds cool right? But you might think we’re pulling your legs, but believe! Technology is strengthening day by day to give the best out of everything to its people! So, it’ll never disappoint us! 

“Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight” as said by John Wooden, we believe our TaDa Time will meet all your requirements that you want to get included in a chatting app! TaDa lets you explore all the stuff you wanna experience with no bounds and limitations. But still your waiting is worth it to get such an extraordinary application with more than n-number  of fun animations including a myriad of genres such as dance, sports, fun and celebration accordingly for your mood! 

Compared with Snapchat and Instagram filters, TaDa Time enables you to gel with all of the filters that include from an African curls to a ponytail that perfectly suits you and enables you to try-on the styles in your future. TaDa helps you try out the new looks to check how you appear in the new styles!