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Recently with the announcement of ios11 and the iPhone 8 and X release dates came a big promise for all Apple users: Augmented Reality Apps. This announcement was supported with tech demos to play AR gaming and immersive AR app capabilities. However, for those of us who have yet to own an iPhone or have owned one in the past and decided to make the switch to a different service, this news came as a bit of a downer. Certainly, there’s a large market of ios users in the World. In the US alone it’s reported to be 43% of the population that have ios. Internationally, however, there’s a huge population of people that don’t own an iPhone, never have and maybe never will. These users are primarily Android users.

Not to deny Android AR isn’t coming, in some ways, it’s already arrived. Google has already manufactured a form of Augmented Reality through its App “Tango”. Tango started the game off strong with apps that could allow Android users to simulate exciting animations or games within their own homes. However, the sensor was a feature only available on a starting two different models of the smartphone to choose from. It’s not a downloadable feature for use amid any Android carrier and didn’t seem to be an option to be built into future models.

Now on the plus side, something is cooking on Google’s end. Google is now working on something called ARCore which is a software update hoping to attract millions of users instead of a polarizing few. It will come with many apps. So when are we to expect it? Sometime in Q4 2017, long after ARKit comes out.

So what can the AR thirsty Android users do to quench their thirst for the latest tech and bide their time until ARCore comes out? Well, TaDa Time has just the answer.

A simple free download away will get you hooked up with the latest AR app TaDa Time, a social messenger app that uses 3D views of user-created avatars. TaDa Time is bringing Augmented Reality in fast with features that include, a completely customizable avatar created by each person to show off the exact facial make, sweet hairstyle and trendy outfit desired by the user. Simply take a selfie of your face, and the app’s technology maps it onto your TaDa. TaDa Time is not restrictive but open to any user of any status or experience with AR, with an extremely user-friendly interface. TaDa Time is perfect for messaging friends when out on travels, chores or random adventures. With the 3D functionality of the App, avatars can be placed in the real world, instead of plastering them onto an image in two dimensions.

The best part about TaDa Time? It’s not limited to ios users. No longer does the debate of which platform is better, which product is better or which features are better to have to be made by two different users who both want this app. While the days of the ARCore are near, and the ARKit is even nearer, the age of TaDa time is here. As long as your smartphone meets the requirements for TaDa Time’s download, Android and Apple users can come together to use it. Don’t you want to be ahead of the curve in Augmented Reality and say you were part of something big before it even became popular? Android and Apple users alike rejoice, the next big app has arrived.

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