December 30, 2017 TaDaTime 0Comment

The New Year is a great time in all our lives. We finally have another excuse to get drunk and make another resolution that we won’t remember by the month of December. It’s also the time when we send that solitary happy New Year Message to that one friend’s cousin whose display picture we will not care to see after that. The years will come and go and then 2017 will move into 2018 but the way we send greeting has remained pretty much the same since we’ve had mobile phones. We type ”HAPPY NEW YEAR” and that’s it. But all that can change with a new app.

TaDa Time is an Augmented Reality based app that makes your social life more creative. You know the best thing about TaDa Time is that it is accessible and is easy to use. With nothing more than a selfie, you would have your very own augmented avatar which you can customize however you want to. You have a wide range of augmented appearances to choose from and you can also customize the avatar to match your very own voice, personality and appearance. TaDa Time is here to let you know that it’s okay if you can’t dance. This Augmented avatar actually has the moves and guess what? you can choose them. There’s all the more laughter come the New Year with the enabling of a variety of special acts that you can choose from.

happy new year tada time app

With the TaDa Time app, you finally have found a creative way to spread the New Year joy to all your friends and family. Worried that you won’t be able to wish your family in Antarctica on New Year’s eve? Worry no more because this year, the augmented you would be wishing them on behalf. It would talk and behave exactly like you so they wouldn’t even know the difference! It would probable also be more interesting that you are. I mean let’s face facts here. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also spread the love on the TaDa Time social messenger by sharing your wishes to all your friends and family. You could also place your augmented look-alike in any surrounding environment. Say you wanted to wish your friends and family while standing on top of a Christmas tree because well, ”It’s the Holiday season”. You can now do it. With all this and so much more, there ain’t no reason for you to not have TaDa Time. C’mon spread the Wishes on time. Get TaDa Time!

Download TaDa Time for free on both iOS and Android.