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Have you ever wanted to swing on vines with monkeys at the zoo? Shrink in size and dive into a delicious cup of coffee? Maybe, you have always wanted to Spiderman-style scale the Eiffel Tower? AugRay, an Augmented Reality Company, just made all of these opportunities, and so much more, virtually possible (and a lot safer)!

AR isn’t science fiction anymore. AR is becoming an important part of our world’s technological and social existence. We are seeing it every day, in games like Pokemon Go and few social media platforms, but AugRay decided to take it to the next level. Worked long and hard to create TaDa Time, the AR social messenger. We will let that sink in…

Never before has there been a messenger app based only on AR.

Just by downloading the app with a selfie, you will get your avatar and up get to customize them! There are many clothing and style options to fit your personality and mood. Don’t worry, you can change their appearance at any time. Once you create your digital you, you will place them in any environment around you, with the default animation’s audio or with your own voice, you really make your avatar come alive. You can record the actions in the real world, record, and chat with your friends and family or post them in the inbuilt social media for everyone to see your creative recording or the to experience your digital you in their world! This app will change your social life for the better.

There is nothing boring about TaDa Time. With numerous animations and your infinite surroundings, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are outgoing or shy, business or casual, athletic or a professional couch potato, there will be something for you. Make your friends on the TaDa Time feed jealous by recording a video of your avatar dancing on stage with Beyonce! Give your friends a good laugh with a video of your avatar riding around on your pet dog. Make your mom happy by recording your avatar cooking a healthy meal. That’s right, even your mom will want to download this app.

This will be the standout app of 2017, so be the first one to download (iOS Link) TaDa Time App and create your TaDa!

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