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Have you ever imagined yourself hanging idly from the Empire State Building or diving into a Coke can? You may have imagined it, but would never dare to do it. It’s now all possible with TaDa Time, the Augmented Reality social network developed by Augray. You can see your avatar, otherwise known as your ‘TaDa’, do all sorts of crazy things that previously seemed impossible.

The arrival of Augmented Reality (AR) technology has provided us with many new, and previously thought impossible, applications! You can play games in AR, set up a fashion show in AR, you can even try on dresses or makeup in AR. Many popular messenger apps have even begun to incorporate AR in our social lives.

TaDa Time takes AR to a new level with its social messenger, changing the way you communicate.Take a selfie on the TaDa Time app and you can create your ‘ TaDa’, which will not only resemble you in looks but will do, and feel anything that you want. Most importantly, it will jump into your real world!

TaDa Time always gives you an opportunity to be fancy and nutty. With different clothes and accessories available, you will be able to customize your TaDa with your favorite outfit. The wide array of animations can make your TaDa dance, climb, swim, do a somersault, or even cook.

This is just a trailer of what you can do with TaDa Time. Just have a look at some of its exciting features:

Create your personalized ‘TaDa’ :

This is one of the most amazing features of TaDa Time. Just take one selfie/picture to get your TaDa prepared, and ready to act!

Customize your TaDa:

Let your own sense of fashion and style shine through your TaDa with all of the cool outfits and accessories that are available. Whether you want a professional or wild look, you will find the perfect apparel for your TaDa!

Animations to match your mood:

When you are on social media, you want your friends and family to be able to see what you are doing or how you are feeling – so you update your status daily. But with TaDa, it’s not a matter of updating your status with a boring sentence, picture, or emoji; it’s lot more!

YourTaDa can do anything that you are in the mood to do. You might want to sing, dance, laugh, cook, jump, or even wish a friend a good morning – and yes, your TaDa is capable of doing all of these!

Jump into the real world using Augmented Reality (AR):

What if I told you that you could put your TaDa in the real world and take them on a dinner date with you? Sounds exciting right? With TaDa time, you can even share your awesome animations with your friends who are also part of the TaDa Time network, as well as with people on other social networks.

Dub your voice:

Additionally, TaDa Time comes with a feature where you can dub in your voice to match the actions that your TaDa performs!

If you are already excited and ready to join the TaDa community, then be one of the first to download it and start creating fun animations with your TaDa today!

Now it’s the time to TaDa!

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