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Today, tweets, posts, and 10-second photos surround our social lives but as our technologically-driven society moves forward, we want more. More fun, more immersion, more innovation and more emotion. More is augmented reality. AR is on the rise. We’ve seen it through Pokemon Go, GPS, translation apps, etc, but augmented reality is now entering our social media lives, and it’s even more exciting than a dancing hotdog.

TaDa Time is the world’s first AR messenger that brings together the imaginative and the real world. This app uses AR to fundamentally change the way you interact socially. No longer will you send a boring messages and stickers. Your dull messages about grocery shopping or doing laundry will become immensely more creative and fun with TaDa Time. You can send that grocery shopping message as a zombie, and let everyone know you’re doing laundry by diving into the washer! It’s not magic, it’s no longer the future.

How does the app work?

It’s like Bitmoji, brought to life! All you have to do is take a selfie, and a digital you (TaDa) will be created based on your face. Then it’s up to you to customize your outfit clothes, hair, and accessories. Your TaDa will look and can talk like you! Once your TaDa is dressed, they’re ready to use. Pick out an act (animation with music and default dialog) from the huge list of options, and put them into your surroundings! Change the size, and be creative in where you place and interact with it. Record a video while your creativity (and your avatar) fly! All that is left to do is share your awesome video with your friends and family! Your friends will then see your creativity or put your digital you on their real world to experience you.

Endless Creativity

Need ideas? Have your TaDa play guitar on stage with your favorite band! Send your friend a video of your TaDa walking on water. Make your friends jealous with your TaDa showing off your delicious plate of sushi. The possibilities are endless. Soon you’ll be having competitions with your friends to see who will make the goofiest videos. May the best TaDa Time user win!

All of those silly, fun and imaginative thoughts of yours can now become a reality. Don’t be the last to download TaDa Time!

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