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Social networking has become monotonous. Every week there is a new messaging app that no one cares about. With clones of pre-existing IM apps swirling everywhere, it is hard to see a new messaging app doing anything innovative.

TaDa Time is a new app. The app is the first of its kind, an Augmented Reality messenger.

No. It is not another rip-off of your favorite social service, this app is innovative and unique, makes you innovative.

How does it work?

TaDa Time creates an animated avatar that looks like you, create an act with your own voice or music or songs and share with your friends. Imagine sitting on the top of Empire State Building without being there. The app lets you customize everything from your actions to your avatars.

Now that you have gained some interest let us quickly learn how to use the app.

Getting Started

After installing TaDa Time, you are requested to take a selfie which the app uses to create your animated avatar. On the next screen, you can choose every aspect of your avatar. Pick out your favorite outfit with the sunglasses you have always wanted to wear. The possibilities are endless.

When you are done setting up your avatar, pressing the next button takes you to the main page of the app. (Don’t worry! You can add more avatars later on!)

Navigating the app

The home screen is simple and self-defining. On the top, you have two options. Tapping on the top-center lets you explore and edit your profile. On the top-right, a T-shirt icon is present which allows you edit your avatar!

Below, is a preview of your avatar and options to add more avatars. On the bottom are the three buttons. Left one is for Chats, Centre for home, and Feeds for well, social feed.

Let me dig into more details:

You must have already guessed what chats button does. It contains an overview of your chats and well, lets you send Augmented Reality videos.  The videos you create will have you as an animated avatar in it – of any size, doing almost anything captured in real world interacting with real people well! sort of an act.

Already feeling excited? 😛

Next up we have feeds. Feeds, as the name predicts, is a collection of other people’s shared content. The feed is a showcase of your imagination posted to your network or share it with the public.

Animate yourself dancing on your computer desk or dance to EDM tracks on a dolphin. The possibilities are infinite.


TaDa time adds fun and delight to conversations. TaDa Time delivers its promise and acts as a reason for bringing friends closer. It is worth accepting; TaDa Time shows that AR is not just limited to dog-stickers or catching Pokemon.

Try the app here (App Store Link) and don’t forget to tell us how do you feel! 🙂

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