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Tuesday, thousands of viewers tuned in to watch what’s sure to be this year’s biggest tech announcement. Not only was the iPhone 8 announced, a product everyone was expecting to get all the latest specs on before this month’s release, but not two months down the road was the iPhone X announced, a 10th anniversary production of the original product. With every new iPhone the specs, size, and pricing are announced, but this year a new feature had users and developers alike in awe. With the arrival of iOS 11 comes the highly anticipated ARkit.

The iOS 11 is beast-sized with its amount of new content and app-compatibility. It is built to round out any rough edges from the last OS updates along with functioning under the familiarity of the same interface as before. It would take lots of writing to understand just what all is coming with the update, but some of the biggest leaps in its tech operate under the AR functionality.

The ARkit is opening up the world of Augmented Reality to millions of potential Apple users with the promise that its ease of use can be accessed from the newest gamer to the most experienced designers. With Augmented Reality, gamers can immerse themselves in their games without moving a muscle. Unlike the world of Virtual Reality that has gamers tangled up in headsets and cords, AR boasts extreme ease of use with no wearables. AR exists on the go where you don’t have to plug in to play. The release of iOS11 doesn’t stop at ARkits with a limited library of games or apps to use. IOS11 promises tons of new content. No longer is AR gaming limited to its humble beginnings of catching Pokemon in your local parks. A whole world of AR gaming is close to arrival.

While Pokemon Go was ahead of it’s time in ushering in a new era of gaming with AR use, one other app has made its own splash. TaDa Time is a messenger app focused on the use of 3D avatars to express and display the emotions of each user. This app fully immerses each user by mapping their facial features onto their own 3D avatars. Their creations can then chat with other user’s, be tagged in any setting and express themselves in any way they desire. Your imagination is the limit with the AR function. For example, you can share how tired you are by sending your 3D avatar zombie-walking towards your favorite cup of coffee. TaDa Time revolutionizes 3D AR use in a messenger app and is sure to set the standard for future social media app use.

Augmented Reality is limitless. Gaming Apps for AR is just a start to what potential can be reached with the new iOS. What’s promised is streamlined Augmented Reality for beginners and professionals alike. Imagine an app that can pre-design a layout of a house, with where your furniture can be placed and installed before you even hire a mover. Imagine an app where the permanent choice of getting a tattoo can be delayed by modeling the design on your body before ink even touches skin. AR Kit has just begun to test the waters with their plans.

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