November 24, 2017 TaDaTime 0Comment

In today’s fast-paced virtual worlds everyone has their own zone or hangout where they get to unwind, connect and be themselves.Today more than any other day prior and until the next big step in modern technology, iOS phone users are immersing their individualities and identities behind online personas. These personas can be represented through opinionated Twitter feeds, shared chat-boards on websites like Facebook or in gamer friendly lounges in between battles on Overwatch. Wherever someone is, whether it’s the comfort of their home, on a long bus ride or logging in during lunch breaks, most everyone has their common virtual niche, a place they can call home away from home.

Nowadays virtual reality is ever-present, where people can occupy a persona or avatar in either a POV perspective or by creating an avatar within their own likeness. That’s where the app TaDa Time comes to play. TaDa Time opens with the potential to occupy a likeness of yourself with the opportunity to customize a detailed caricature of a miniature you. This miniature can dress like you, style their hair like you and act just like you. The freedom to customize and create this character is what feels missing from a lot of modern apps, the truly augmented virtual reality approach to being an avatar on your phone. The way the AR is exceptionally immersive is the ability to take a photo of your face and plaster the candid as the face on your avatar. The miniature boy or girl is now a spitting image of yourself, and now the real fun can begin.

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With TaDa Time, the joy isn’t just bringing a cartoon to life with your image, but putting the new you to life by having it act in a silly or unique way to match your personality. The many character moves are listed underneath the avatar at all times, with options ranging from Baby Crawl to Zombie Walk to name a couple. There are also active emotions the avatar can express, greetings to share and love to spread within its little arms.

Did I mention you can share them anywhere? TaDa Time is a social app, one where tagging yourself in is as important as the initial character creation. It’s an app that welcomes a variety of users to share within their friends’ groups for online interaction and updating of whereabouts and social activities with each other. If you’re out hiking on a trail, you can immerse your avatar into the background or foreground with the image of it walking. If you’re snapping that important 500th cat picture and want to put a miniature of yourself on his/her shoulder you can certainly do that. The freedom and possibilities are endless. As of now I’m using TaDa Time to silently watch me blog about him and judge the details I’m sharing. Little brother is watching!

TaDa Time lets you share photos, chat with other users, and customize your character with exactly as much personality as you expect the little one to be brimming with. It’s augmented reality within our phones, a huge leap for online social networks, and tomorrow’s next big thing.

Download TaDa Time for free on both iOS and Android.